Tech Bar Project Summary

The Tech Bar is a service provided by St. Norbert College where students, faculty, and staff and go to learn how to make various digital projects. These included anything from website creation to podcasting.

I led a redesign of the Tech Bar’s website, aiming to enhance user experience and align it with a new brand identity. When designing it, I wanted to create a modern, intuitive, and responsive design that ensures seamless navigation across all devices. I streamlined content for the home page to highlight the Tech Bar’s services, values, and unique offerings, while also integrating a new appointment scheduling system.

Creating a cohesive brand identity was essential for distinguishing our services on campus. I designed a simple and versatile logo and selected a harmonious color palette and font styles to convey the brand’s personality and values and stick out from our college colors of dark green and golden yellow. To ensure consistent application of the brand across all mediums, I established comprehensive brand guidelines.

To promote the Tech Bar and maintain brand consistency, I designed a variety of marketing materials. This included eye-catching posters and signage for in-store and external promotions, enhancing visibility and customer attraction. I also developed content for social media platforms to boost the Tech Bar’s online presence and customer interaction. Furthermore, I designed professional business cards and creative stickers to support networking and brand recognition efforts.

Through these efforts, I successfully transformed the Tech Bar’s brand image, ensuring a consistent and professional presence both online and offline.

Tech Bar Website


Brand Identity

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Additional Designs